Hands-on Preview: Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung squares up to Microsoft’s Surface with twin two-in-one tablets.

Samsung came oh so close with the TabPro S.

It was supposed to be a Surface killer, a Windows 10 tablet that was just as good at desktop duty as it was as a media machine.

It mostly succeeded, too – but the price was a little too high, the keyboard wasn’t the best and if you wanted to plug something in… well, you were basically out of luck.

Now it’s time for round two, and it comes with the new name. Enter the Galaxy Book, a 2-in-1 that looks to improve on the initial effort and finally shut down the Surface for good.

Does it manage it? Tough to say after only a brief hands-on session, but I definitely walked away impressed. Here’s why.

Source: Hands-on Preview: Samsung Galaxy Book