NSA Gives Thumbs Up to Microsoft Surface Tablets

NSA gives thumbs up to Microsoft Surface tablets

National Security Agency workers can now safely use Microsoft Surface tablets devices for data mining, intelligence gathering, or more humdrum work like checking email.

Microsoft’s (msft, +0.08%) Surface tablets and the tech giant’s Windows 10 operating system are now officially part of the NSA’s list of approved technologies that its employees can use when dealing with classified information.

It should be noted that as of now, the only Windows 10 devices that the NSA deems safe to use for its workers are the Surface tablets. The NSA has not yet approved other any other Windows 10-powered personal computers built by third-party vendors like HP Inc. (hpq, +0.12%) or Dell Technologies to its list of sanctioned devices.

Source: NSA Gives Thumbs Up to Microsoft Surface Tablets