Apple iPad Pro versus Microsoft Surface Pro

Apple is making the iPad more like a PC, even as Microsoft is making Windows more like an iPad.

Something funny is happening in the age-old battle of Apple versus Microsoft.

Each is trying to get its products to be more like the other’s, but taking a different route to get there.
Both companies want the same thing: To be the platform of choice for people trying to be creative and get work done, even as the very definition of “computer” grows increasingly fluid. But the end result is that we’re in a weird situation where Microsoft is trying to make Windows work more like Apple iOS, while Apple tries to make iOS work more like Windows.

The race is on to see which can complete its transition first.

Microsoft’s biggest advantage is the iPad’s Achilles heel. The Surface devices, except for the Surface laptop, ship with a full version of Windows 10 and offer users access to full desktop programs. Owners can use the version of Office they already have, as well as the desktop version of the Google Chrome browser, the Steam game store, and more.

Source: Apple iPad Pro versus Microsoft Surface Pro – Business Insider