iPad Pro vs Surface Pro: Which Pro Tablet is Best for You?

ipad pro vs surface pro

Tablets are now becoming a way of life for some people these days. Most people use a tablet as a tool for entertainment. However, in today’s market, there are tablets that can be used to entertain while at the same time, used for something rather more professional. Case in point are the iPad Pro and Surface Pro from Apple and Microsoft, respectively.

While these tablets have merits of their own, it tends to get quite confusing which one will work best on a user. There a lot of things to consider in purchasing a tablet especially if it is going to be used professionally. Starting off with performance.

Source: iPad Pro vs Surface Pro: Which Pro Tablet is Best for You?


June 13, 2016

Apple World Wide Developer Conference  2016


Highlights from Apple WWDC16

“The App Store started 8 years ago, with a little over 500 apps. Recently we passed a major milestone — we now have over 2 million apps.”

The Mac, changed personal computing. The iPhone, changed phones forever. The iPad, magically transforms a glass canvas into anything you want it to be. Our clearest vision of the future of computer. Apple Watch: Ultimate device for a healthy life. Apple TV: something something biggest canvas.

watchOS, tvOS, OS X, iOS. “We’re going to move each of these platforms forward today, and we’d like to get started with watchOS.”


“People are actually switching between faces for different occasions, and we’ve made that really simple.” Just swipe to change faces. Another totally new UI pattern that replaces Glances.


New feature: SOS on the Watch. Press and hold on the side button, it calls 911.

Works through your phone or on Wi-Fi. After you’re done calling 911, it pulls your locations and messages your friends. Then it shows your medical ID, which is another new feature.

Apple-Breathe  Apple-Breath-2

“You can actually set smart notifications to remind you to breathe.” Turn the crown to set how long you want to breathe for, close your eyes and haptic feedback will guide you.

“You can actually set smart notifications to remind you to breathe.” Turn the crown to set how long you want to breathe for, close your eyes and haptic feedback will guide you.

Free upgrade this fall. “It’ll feel like a whole new Watch.”


“The future of TV was apps. The response to Apple TV has been incredible.”

Sling coming to Apple TV. Fox Sports Go

“Siri changed the way we interact with our television because now we just tell it what we want to watch.” Now you can search for categories of movies. Can just say “find high school comedies from the ’80s.”

“A big part of your TV experience is live channels… we’ve got a great new feature called Live Tune-In.” You can just say Watch ESPN2 and it’ll pop open.


  OS X the name has been with us for over 15 years, and it’s served us well. We realized there’s a name that’s so much clearer, and so much simpler.” Renamed to macOS!


When you shop online, you’ll have an Apple Pay button. When you pay, you’ll get a prompt to authenticate on your phone or watch with TouchID or a tap on the wrist.

Siri now on the macOS Desktop


iOS 10 for iPhone


Big Siri Updates

Messaging support for Slack and WhatsApp, WeChat. Ridebooking with Uber, Lyft, and Didi. Photo Search in Shutter, Pinterest. Pause and stop workouts in Runtastic and RunKeeper.
Send payments with Square. VoIP calling with Spark, Vonage, and Skype.

Can offer up relevant contact info, read messages to pre fill calendar events.

Apple Photos

apple-photos-Face-Recognition   Apple-Object-and-scene-recognition

“We love capturing so much of our lives on our cameras… we want to give you easier ways to find and experience photos your taken.”

facial recognition on the iPhone, happening directly on the phone

All done with your privacy protected

Apple Memories


New tab at the bottom of photos called Memories, which shows you highlights and people, a map of locations, and related memories.  This is very cool


Apple Maps

navigation and traffic information


Apple Music


Apple News


iMessage now has rich links, including in line video – Rich links open videos & images quickly and easily

apple-voicemail transcriptions

Email Voice Transcriptions


Messages will highlight all the words that map to emoji in a message and let you tap to turn them into an emoji so you dont have to search for the right emoji


iOS 10 developer preview today  -public beta in July at beta.apple.com

iOS 10 available to everyone this fall

From Chanel The perfect iPad case for me

Chanel iPad Case

Chanel iPad Case

If you wondering why someone without an iPad is so interested in the availability of designer iPad cases it’s  because people know I carry my Toshiba R700 laptop as well as any other computer or tablet that fits in in a Chanel Grand Shopper or a Chanel tote bag, so they often ask my opinion on designer iPad  cases.

There are some excellent inexpensive iPad cases out there from OtterBox, HardCandy and Gumdrop Cases  You can see them in the Dads & Grads Feature on TabletPc2.com

Chanel iPad Case:  $1,555.o00

Photo from the purse blog


Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend….

Apple iPad gets $1.2 million gold and diamond makeover

18 carat gold and 300 carats of diamonds used to spruce up aging iPad

Diamond Encrusted Apple iPad

Diamond Encrusted Apple iPad

Despite Apple’s iPad 2 being readily available for as little as £399, Camael Diamonds has announced it is to release an accessorized rendition of the original Apple tablet for a hefty $1.2 million (£731,172).

With the monstrous price tag made up from an 18 carat gold coating topped off with more than 300 carats of flawless diamonds, the Camael Diamonds finished tablet will see its exclusive owner stand out from the hoards of iPad touting commuters.
Source: T3

Hermes Leather work station for iPad

Something I never expected to see…

Unlike the Birkin Bag,  which is so much trouble to open and close that you rarely see one closed, Hermes now offers this exquisitely made Leather work station / case for the iPad


Hermes Station iPad

Hermes Station iPad

Leather work station for iPad® allows you to prop up your device up for working or viewing media. Functions as a cover to protect your device in transit. Made of ebony evergrain calfskin. Measures 10.2″ x 8.5″.


Available from Hermes