Hands-on Preview: Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung squares up to Microsoft’s Surface with twin two-in-one tablets.

Samsung came oh so close with the TabPro S.

It was supposed to be a Surface killer, a Windows 10 tablet that was just as good at desktop duty as it was as a media machine.

It mostly succeeded, too – but the price was a little too high, the keyboard wasn’t the best and if you wanted to plug something in… well, you were basically out of luck.

Now it’s time for round two, and it comes with the new name. Enter the Galaxy Book, a 2-in-1 that looks to improve on the initial effort and finally shut down the Surface for good.

Does it manage it? Tough to say after only a brief hands-on session, but I definitely walked away impressed. Here’s why.

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Review: Lenovo Yoga Book is in a class of its own

With its virtual keyboard and fantastic writing surface, the Yoga Book could be the blueprint for future laptops.

When Lenovo first announced its fancy new 2-in-1 Yoga Book at IFA in September 2016, I got a little caught up in the mad rush of excitement. “Hybrid of the future” claims were bandied about the office, and I was in full agreement. After all, this is a device that looks truly different to everything else. Now that it’s here in my hands, I’m pleased to say Lenovo has created a unique hybrid worthy of the hype.

For starters, there’s no physical keyboard. Instead, there’s a virtual one with illuminated, futuristic-looking keys that appear as though they’ve been pulled straight from an episode of Black Mirror. They vibrate when you tap them, giving a reassuring sense of haptic feedback as you type.

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NSA Gives Thumbs Up to Microsoft Surface Tablets

NSA gives thumbs up to Microsoft Surface tablets

National Security Agency workers can now safely use Microsoft Surface tablets devices for data mining, intelligence gathering, or more humdrum work like checking email.

Microsoft’s (msft, +0.08%) Surface tablets and the tech giant’s Windows 10 operating system are now officially part of the NSA’s list of approved technologies that its employees can use when dealing with classified information.

It should be noted that as of now, the only Windows 10 devices that the NSA deems safe to use for its workers are the Surface tablets. The NSA has not yet approved other any other Windows 10-powered personal computers built by third-party vendors like HP Inc. (hpq, +0.12%) or Dell Technologies to its list of sanctioned devices.

Source: NSA Gives Thumbs Up to Microsoft Surface Tablets

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Surface Pro 4 | TNH Online

If you’ve just bought the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, you’re most likely figuring out how it works. You can do this at your own pace and time, of course, but we’d like to help you along with a few helpful tips.

By keeping them in mind, you’ll increase your productivity and efficiency and finish your tasks within the shortest possible time. You’ll also make the most of your new device and get excellent value for your money.Ready to start? Here are five Surface Pro 4 tips you should know:

Master the Surface Pen

Your Surface Pen is more than just a digital writing instrument; it can also act as a remote for your Surface Pro 4! By default, you can click on it once to open Microsoft OneNote, click on it twice to take a screenshot, and hold it down to bring up Cortana. If these aren’t ideal for you and you’d like to assign a different shortcut to each function, you can easily do so in Settings.

Source: 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Surface Pro 4 | TNH Online