Gucci iPad Case Online Exclusive

beige/ebony diamante plus exclusively available on to commemorate the new digital flagship store opening

Gucci iPad Cases available in 7 Variations   – $240.00 -$295.00

  • silver guccissma leather with silver leather trim
  • beige/ebony GG plus with brown leather trim
  • mauve GG imprimé fabric with mauve leather trim
  • beige/blue GG plus fabric with blue leather trim
  • black rubberized guccissima leather with green/red/green signature web and black rubberized leather trim
  • black neoprene GG with green/red/green signature web and black rubberized leather trim
  • beige/ebony diamante plus exclusive available on -commemorate new digital flagship store opening
  • Made in Italy

Available at

The Wait is finaly over… we call it, the iPad.” It’s official.

After months of rumors Apple announced their new Apple iPad PC – from what Ive seen it, even though it lacks ink functionality it seems to have everything else you could want in a 1.5 pound package.   I look forward to getting my hands on one to review for all of you.

New Apple iPad

And we call it, the iPad.” It’s official.

9.7-inch IPS display, “It’s half an inch thin and weighs just 1.5 pounds

the iPad pricing starts, not at $999, but at $499.”

teve Jobs Live from the Launch event:“As you know, Apple builds the same multitouch sensors in the world.” And it has multitouch on this. It’s powered by a 1GHz Apple A4 chip, and has 16GB to 64GB of flash storage “And it screams.”

802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. 30-pin connector, speaker, microphone, accelerometer and compass.

“And it’s got battery. What is the battery life of this remarkable new device?” 10 hours of battery life.

“A few other things…I’d like to talk about iTunes.” It syncs like an iPhone with your Mac or PC over the 30-pin cable. You sync everything: photos, music, movies, TV shows, contacts, calendars, bookmarks and applications, like the iPhone. Even backups.

And now, wireless networking. It has Wi-Fi, but there are models with 3G.

What does it cost for the data plans? In the US, companies charge $60 for a data plan for laptops. But, “we’ve got a real breakthrough here. We’ve got two awesome plans for iPad owners.” The first is 250MB data a month for $15.

And if you want unlimited data for $30 a month.

all iPad 3G models are unlocked, and they use GSM micro SIMs, so if your carrier offers micro SIMs, “they’ll just work.”