From Chanel The perfect iPad case for me

Chanel iPad Case

Chanel iPad Case

If you wondering why someone without an iPad is so interested in the availability of designer iPad cases it’s  because people know I carry my Toshiba R700 laptop as well as any other computer or tablet that fits in in a Chanel Grand Shopper or a Chanel tote bag, so they often ask my opinion on designer iPad  cases.

There are some excellent inexpensive iPad cases out there from OtterBox, HardCandy and Gumdrop Cases  You can see them in the Dads & Grads Feature on

Chanel iPad Case:  $1,555.o00

Photo from the purse blog 2010 Valentines Day Gift Guide 2010 Valentines Day Gift Guide

The Chanel Grand Shopper Makes a Fabulous Computer Bag

There are countless ways to express your feelings on Valentines day.  For those of you looking for something a little more unique than hearts and flowers this year, I’ve gathered a few things to inspire you……   Red & white laptops, notebooks, netbooks, a Tablet PC, Absolutely Amazing Caramels, an iconic Blue tooth headset, The perfect handbag/ computer case and some fabulous iPhone accessories.  Big things, little things, something for everyone.

Limited Edition Chanel Bike

The last time I was at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, this hand finished Chanel eight speed bike was parked in the Chanel Boutique.

Designed as part of spring/summer 2008 collection, the Limited Edition Chanel bicycle comes complete with quilted leather saddle bags that will hold and assortment of your technology needs including a small netbook or UMPC.

I did not ride out of Saks with on the Chanel bicycle, it is rumored that Jennifer Aniston and Madonna have received them as gifts.


The Chanel Package for Fall 2009

This Chanel Package designed for Fall 2009 comes with a classic Chanel bag, Chanel, sunglasses, Chanel Number 5 perfume,  Chanel compact, Chanel lipstick and  a Chanel iPod.    The Chanel Package will available in multiple colors and configuration and are showcased  in plastic cases with a classic Chanel chain and leather strap.  


The Chanel Package

The Chanel Package