Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend….

Apple iPad gets $1.2 million gold and diamond makeover

18 carat gold and 300 carats of diamonds used to spruce up aging iPad

Diamond Encrusted Apple iPad

Diamond Encrusted Apple iPad

Despite Apple’s iPad 2 being readily available for as little as £399, Camael Diamonds has announced it is to release an accessorized rendition of the original Apple tablet for a hefty $1.2 million (£731,172).

With the monstrous price tag made up from an 18 carat gold coating topped off with more than 300 carats of flawless diamonds, the Camael Diamonds finished tablet will see its exclusive owner stand out from the hoards of iPad touting commuters.
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The Beatles Rockband – Makes You Feel Beter Than A New Pair of Shoes!

The Beatles RockBand –

There is no way to convey to you how much fun playing The Beatles Rockband is other than to tell you that up until now I’ve stayed away from playing games because i’m not good them.  I don’t even sing to the radio because I can’t hold a tune.

Then came The Beatles Rockband……

Which was is engaging and so much fun that I left my brothers house with a sore throat from so much singing and a burning desire to buy a gaming system for my own home.                 I see a Wii in my future.


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Limited Edition Chanel Bike

The last time I was at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, this hand finished Chanel eight speed bike was parked in the Chanel Boutique.

Designed as part of spring/summer 2008 collection, the Limited Edition Chanel bicycle comes complete with quilted leather saddle bags that will hold and assortment of your technology needs including a small netbook or UMPC.

I did not ride out of Saks with on the Chanel bicycle, it is rumored that Jennifer Aniston and Madonna have received them as gifts.