8 things you’ll love about new Surface Pro – and 3 things you’ll hate

The new Microsoft Surface Pro is almost perfect. Here are some things you will love about it, and a few you … won’t.

Before yesterday’s announcement by Microsoft of the new Surface Pro, I spent some time with the device and the engineers who created it. There’s a lot that’s new and improved, but that doesn’t mean the Surface Pro is perfect.

I cobbled together a few pros of the all-new Surface Pro that stand out as reasons to be excited about it. To be fair, I had to toss in a few negatives as well, but that list is substantially shorter.

Things to love about the new Surface Pro

There’s a lot to like about the new Surface Pro, and it’s not just about the new processor. Here are the things that I think you should take away from yesterday’s announcement and that you should consider when buying.

1. Longer battery life

Microsoft is making bold claims with the new Surface Pro with a rating of 13.5 hours. Those numbers are based on closed-loop video playback, but my experience tells me such an estimate translates into a real-world eight to nine hours of use.

2. Amazing pen-and-ink experience

The Surface Pen became respectable with the Surface Pro 3, but it was the Surface Pro 4’s 1,024 pressure levels and design that won me over.

In 2017, Windows 10 is even more Pen-friendly, with even greater features coming in the Fall Creators Update, including universal support throughout the OS

With the new Surface Pro, Microsoft has a brand-new co-processor that dramatically cuts down inking latency (the “lag” when you scribble fast between the pen tip and visible digital ink), and it raised the levels of pressure from 1,024 to 4,096. The company did all that while still making the Surface Pen’s battery last one year.

I tried the new Surface Pen on the Surface Pro, and it blurs the line between digital and analog inking. This pen feels amazing to use, and it even has tilt-and-rotation support now, addressing some of the very last complaints artists had in the past.

This Surface Pen may go down as an industry legend. It may even make non-pen users make the jump, it’s that good.

Source: 8 things you’ll love about new Surface Pro – and 3 things you’ll hate | Windows Central

New Surface Pro vs iPad Pro: Windows 10 Beats Apple’s iOS Every Time

Microsoft has been on a tear lately releasing some killer hardware products. There’s been the Xbox One S, its new Surface line of laptops, and as of today, the new Surface Pro. Microsoft opted to name the device “the new Surface Pro” instead of the Surface Pro 5—and we gotta say, we kind of like that. It gives is a distinctively fresh feel and makes it sound like a more welcoming device for people who haven’t used one before.

Source: New Surface Pro vs iPad Pro: Windows 10 Beats Apple’s iOS Every Time | Know Your Mobile

Microsoft teases new Surface Pro Type Covers

Surface Pro Type Covers

Microsoft is widely expected to launch a new Surface Pro device tomorrow, and the company’s Surface chief has taken to Instagram today to post what appears to be a teaser. Panos Panay simply posted an image of four Surface keyboards, with the caption that there are “30 hours to go” until Microsoft’s Surface event in Shanghai. The Surface keyboards appear to be new Type Cover colors in alcantara, the same fabric that’s used on Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop.

Microsoft’s Surface event will take place in Shanghai tomorrow morning, and the company has promised “updates and more information” over at its news site for exact timing and potential live streaming details.

Source: Microsoft teases new Surface Pro Type Covers – The Verge

Microsoft Surface Laptop vs. Surface Pro 4: Here’s Why You Should Go For The Latter


Microsoft’s all new Surface Laptop aims to supplant Chromebooks as a college-student favourite. The svelte, stylish notebook bridges the gap between Surface Pro 4 and the behemoth Surface Pro Book, adding a third option for performance lovers. However, despite offering a package as classy its cousins, the Surface Laptop misses on a few key spots – things you won’t notice at the first place, but if you do, you’d again fall for the charm of Surface Pro 4.surface laptop-pro-4

Though it may sound odd, the 18-month-old Surface Pro 4 is way better than Surface Laptop. Its promise of a tablet that can serve as a full-fledged computer is much impressive than Surface Laptop’s nearly as light full-fledged computer. In case you’re still confused, these points of interest will certainly help you in deciding.

Source: Microsoft Surface Laptop vs. Surface Pro 4: Here’s Why You Should Go For The Latter | MobiPicker

Microsoft Panos Panay says no Surface Pro 5 – Business Insider

Panay dropped some hints as to what’s causing the holdup, telling CNET that Microsoft is looking for “meaningful change” before it releases another tablet.In other words, says Panay, the company isn’t looking to just release the same device with upgraded specs; he wants “experiential change” that makes an impact in the way that people actually use it, like a lower weight or a hugely improved battery. If it can’t come up with big changes like that, he says, Microsoft won’t bother releasing it.

Source: Microsoft Panos Panay says no Surface Pro 5 – Business Insider

Microsoft brings new firmware update to Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has released its latest firmware update for the Surface Pro 3, just a few weeks after rolling out another update for the popular Windows 10 tablet.


The new firmware version is, and Microsoft’s release notes state that it “improves system stability and performance when you change between power states”. That should mean that owners of the device will experience fewer issues when switching between battery power and using it while it’s charging.


Source: Neowin