Microsoft Latest And Powerful 2-in-1 Surface Pro Beats Out Other Laptops In The Market

Surface Pro 2017

Microsoft already released their latest and powerful 2-in-1 Surface Pro device and got great reviews about it. Reports are saying that it beats out other existing laptops on the market today even the device is not a laptop in nature. The Surface Pro remarkable specifications and features allegedly is what it makes stand out with other competitors.


According to Gizmodo, the newest Surface Pro believes to be the best Surface models ever made by Microsoft. Though it is not molded as a laptop, the latest 2-in-1 Surface Pro could be considered as the best combination of a tablet and laptop feature. But Microsoft made it clear that it is not the successor of Surface Pro 4 and called it plainly as Microsoft Surface Pro.

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iPad Pro vs Surface Pro: Which Pro Tablet is Best for You?

ipad pro vs surface pro

Tablets are now becoming a way of life for some people these days. Most people use a tablet as a tool for entertainment. However, in today’s market, there are tablets that can be used to entertain while at the same time, used for something rather more professional. Case in point are the iPad Pro and Surface Pro from Apple and Microsoft, respectively.

While these tablets have merits of their own, it tends to get quite confusing which one will work best on a user. There a lot of things to consider in purchasing a tablet especially if it is going to be used professionally. Starting off with performance.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop review: More laptop, less Surface

The Good The Surface Laptop has a slim, modern design and comes in a selection of cool colors. Battery life is very good, and the keyboard and touchpad are both excellent.

The Bad The included Windows 10 S operating system can only install preapproved apps by default (but it’s upgradable). The long-term life of the fabric covering remains a question. The cooler colors are only available in more expensive configurations, and the port selection is limited, skipping USB-C entirely.

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Pre-orders for Microsoft’s new Surface Pen go live

Featuring tilt detection, 4,096 pressure levels, and 21 milliseconds of latency, the new Surface Pen was called “the fastest digital pencil on the planet” and”natural and responsive,” by Panos Panay. Apple, however, recently gave Microsoft a run for the money, and announced the next generation Apple Pencil, which has 20 milliseconds of latency.

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Apple iPad Pro versus Microsoft Surface Pro

Apple is making the iPad more like a PC, even as Microsoft is making Windows more like an iPad.

Something funny is happening in the age-old battle of Apple versus Microsoft.

Each is trying to get its products to be more like the other’s, but taking a different route to get there.
Both companies want the same thing: To be the platform of choice for people trying to be creative and get work done, even as the very definition of “computer” grows increasingly fluid. But the end result is that we’re in a weird situation where Microsoft is trying to make Windows work more like Apple iOS, while Apple tries to make iOS work more like Windows.

The race is on to see which can complete its transition first.

Microsoft’s biggest advantage is the iPad’s Achilles heel. The Surface devices, except for the Surface laptop, ship with a full version of Windows 10 and offer users access to full desktop programs. Owners can use the version of Office they already have, as well as the desktop version of the Google Chrome browser, the Steam game store, and more.

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Should you buy the Surface Pro 4 instead of the new Surface Pro?

Surface Pro Pens

Now that Microsoft’s refreshed Surface Pro 4 — named simply the Surface Pro — has been revealed, many people are wondering whether they should stick with a tried and true device or go for the newer hardware. Let’s take a look at some of the differences and similarities to see which Surface is best suited to your needs.

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8 things you’ll love about new Surface Pro – and 3 things you’ll hate

The new Microsoft Surface Pro is almost perfect. Here are some things you will love about it, and a few you … won’t.

Before yesterday’s announcement by Microsoft of the new Surface Pro, I spent some time with the device and the engineers who created it. There’s a lot that’s new and improved, but that doesn’t mean the Surface Pro is perfect.

I cobbled together a few pros of the all-new Surface Pro that stand out as reasons to be excited about it. To be fair, I had to toss in a few negatives as well, but that list is substantially shorter.

Things to love about the new Surface Pro

There’s a lot to like about the new Surface Pro, and it’s not just about the new processor. Here are the things that I think you should take away from yesterday’s announcement and that you should consider when buying.

1. Longer battery life

Microsoft is making bold claims with the new Surface Pro with a rating of 13.5 hours. Those numbers are based on closed-loop video playback, but my experience tells me such an estimate translates into a real-world eight to nine hours of use.

2. Amazing pen-and-ink experience

The Surface Pen became respectable with the Surface Pro 3, but it was the Surface Pro 4’s 1,024 pressure levels and design that won me over.

In 2017, Windows 10 is even more Pen-friendly, with even greater features coming in the Fall Creators Update, including universal support throughout the OS

With the new Surface Pro, Microsoft has a brand-new co-processor that dramatically cuts down inking latency (the “lag” when you scribble fast between the pen tip and visible digital ink), and it raised the levels of pressure from 1,024 to 4,096. The company did all that while still making the Surface Pen’s battery last one year.

I tried the new Surface Pen on the Surface Pro, and it blurs the line between digital and analog inking. This pen feels amazing to use, and it even has tilt-and-rotation support now, addressing some of the very last complaints artists had in the past.

This Surface Pen may go down as an industry legend. It may even make non-pen users make the jump, it’s that good.

Source: 8 things you’ll love about new Surface Pro – and 3 things you’ll hate | Windows Central